About us

SUMit ICT is a start-up company formed in 2014 in collaboration with its partners to address the needs of customer through the experience of its members and bring a committed and innovative drive to provide Field Services Lifecycle Management as a Service to its customers.


With an average staff experience of 15+ years in the telecoms industry, we are offering all the cornerstones of Service Lifecycle Management covering Programme-, project management, workforce and sub-contractor management and field services management.


Services Lifecycle Management (SLM) formalizes SUMit ICT' drive for commitment to our customers and outlines our operational performances that will define the customer experience whether deployment, after-sales-support or Service-on-Demand services. SUMit is committed to delivering services that are considered an industry benchmark for excellence and a Service Partner that our customers can depend on.  SUMit offers customers the flexibility to design service models to consolidate/merge into our Services Lifecycle Management (SLM) framework.

Providing our customer Best-in-Class performance will see SUMit exhibiting a drive to:

  • Provide an increase average first-time fix performance (90%),
  • A year-on-year increase in workforce productivity (18%),
  • A year-on-year increase in workforce Utilization (76%),
  • Increase year-on-year on workmanship quality

The aim is to develop our Field Service workforce with Mobility through applications and devices, site equipment information and history, ensures that field staff have all support pertaining to their daily schedules, service tasks, customer information, parts information, and time and expenses.


Through this key foundation goal, SUMit provides the agility needed to achieve sustainable value for our customers which drives even higher levels of customer satisfaction, with faster response times and proactive communication, creating a seamless, consistent and highly personalized experience at every customer relationship touch point.


Our Mission and Vision


Vision statement

SUMit ICT strives to be the cornerstone of our customer’s outsourced operational structure to ensure services are provided and managed through a Lifecycle framework model with innovation, commitment, transparency and best-in-class performance beyond expectations and at the customer’s beck-and-call.


Mission statement

To be the cornerstones of our Customers field services in ensuring their end-customers quality of experience.


Our business goals and objectives are:

  • To provide a world class network of field staff on a outsourced basis nationally
  • To provide a system to manage a national base of services from project roll-outs, to Field Maintenance and Service-on-Demand.

The general growth strategy of the company will lie in growing its field resources nationally through a cooperative model proving diversification in its skills and organic growth through inclusion of active and passive network products.